Aging and Exercise states in the following article: “It doesn't just make you feel younger—it may actually turn off the aging process in your chromosomes.” Speaking of exercise. We all know exercise is good for us. Most of us just have a problem with actually doing it. There are so many studies that indicate exercise is good for our mental health, weight maintenance,  youthful feeling, disease fighting, and if we have a dog - dog happiness! After reading the following article, you may be inspired to get going. Or you may be inspired but too tired. Well, all you have to do to get started is to get outside and walk. 30 minutes (or less) to start. 15 minutes out, 15 minutes back. Start there. You will notice the difference you feel in your mind, outlook, overall well-being. Then increase the time or pace. You are now on your way! So why not? It's free. You can go at your pace. You can go the length of time that fits well for you. Lace up those walking shoes and get going!