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What's Next?

1. Reach Out. Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation or just jump right in & schedule an in-person or online appointment. 

2. Get to Work! At times you will talk about things that you don't normally tell someone you don't know. This can be uncomfortable, but we will quickly get to know each other & you will begin to trust me as someone who can help. You will receive honest support & guidance as we examine the patterns & behaviors that are holding you back. I will help you develop skills to facilitate the change you are seeking.

3. Experience Change. Change is possible! It's time to feel confident in who you are & understand why you do what you do! You are not alone. You can do this! We can do this! Together. For Change.

You don't have to stay stuck.


  • - Obsessing on the "what if's" 

  • - Feeling overwhelmed & exhausted from trying to "people please" everyone
  • - Feeling crushed in grief with no thoughts of a future

  • - Feeling confused about your loss, not knowing what to do now


  • - Refocus the rumination & focus on what you can control
  • - Being able to breathe & focus on what you need
  • - Still feeling sadness but finding your strength & seeing the possibility of moving forward
  • - Able to start making sense of the unimaginable

Let's Get Started

What would life feel like if you could breathe without anxiety or the weight of grief? 

Reach out today to get the support you've been looking for.