Is Your Calendar Aligned With Your Values?

I have clients say frequently, "I don't know what I value in life to know what I should be doing." If that's you, take a moment to read this article. 4 steps are listed. 1. Look at your calendar. Do the things on your calendar match what you say is important to you? Of course we all have obligations that get in the way of our life, but are they taking over? 2. Be Honest. What are your priorities? Be careful not to state them as what you think they should be, or what you used to envision them to be, but what they are now. 3. Track Your Time. There is a log in the article that you should use to track how you use your time. I use this in my practice. This is because we tend to say "I have no time to do the things I want" when once tracked, you may notice a pattern of wastefulness or inactivity. It is also helpful to notice trends. 4. Align Your Calendar. Align it to your values so you can do the things you really care about - at least occasionally during the day!
If you would like help exploring this concept, to find your values, contact me to set up an appointment.